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Thursday, 19 September 2013 10:10

Dr. Joe Marshalla - Mechanics of Mind

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A different approach to the psychology of the mind. A quantum subconcious thought process that Dr. Joe Marshalla, PhD. defines as "mind control" through a physics approach...  

Everyone knows about it, your little voice that thinks. We call this self vocalization or self talk. He states that typically we have 50,000 of those thoughts per day and you're only aware of about 5% (or 2,500) of those thoughts. He states that in America, we typically have four negative thoughts for every positive though (either concious or subconcious). He shows the power of positive thinking and how it affects us, even on a physical level. His definition of being a holotropic thinker connects to me on a personal level.

Some of us that are not liniar thinkers get labeled with definitions of ADHD / ADD, multitasking (and even on a personal level, what I call "skipping around to various topics" but people like us have a greater understanding of a bigger picture) and other labels from the mainstream psychology industries. This also applies to our marketing research topics in other various areas of the NRCW Companies portfolios.

His description of mechanisims that are used to keep us in a state of subconcious dependency on what others tell us is needed to achieve happiness without actually providing those ideas that create happiness. All thoughts are a reflection of self.

We find a very powerful connection of his theories to quantum physics, eastern belief systems and esoteric ideas even though this video is titled under mind control. You can make many connections with why this model is to other belief systems, ideas and concepts that makes sense.

Teachers from the Eastern cultures seem to always show that everything that you ever learn, you taught yourself. They can "show you the way" but you can only do it yourself to generate that ah-hah moment yourself! What does this mean? He has a great perspective.

In the areas of Physics, philosophy psychology; The Law of Repeatlessness. Everything is either taking on energy or shedding energy.

The only place where repeating occurs is through the perception of our mind. Think of a snowflake, no two are alike. This applies everywhere. The current idea of our education system is repetetion which makes us believe we need the institution to learn. This is not how the real brain works.


The Ant Fluke

There's an ant that keeps climing to the top of a blade of grass just to sit there. Is there a pourpose? Absolutley not! Is it a fluke? YES! It's a Lancid Fluke! It's a parasite that infests the host to exhibit it's suicidal behaviors.

What else is like this? Well, going to work everyday is a good analogy. Servatude to others through these viral thoughts... Just keep that in mind for a moment


How Does It All Begin?

The only way others can have control of your brain is if you don't have control over your brain. This is where Dr. Dr. Joe Marshalla covers this from the ground up and ways to change this perception that's reliant of your self concept from birth to your current day beliefs...


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